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LSTS present at ACM FAT*2020 Conference in Barcelona (27-30 January 2020)

  • January 27, 2020

[Conference] From 27 to 30 January 2020, the ACM FAT* conference takes place in Barcelona. FAT* is a premier conference on fairness, accountability, and transparency in the tech sector, and has recently widened its scope to include more social science research. 2020 is the first time that the conference has been held in Europe.

Prof Mireille Hildebrandt is co-chairing the conference.

Prof Gloria González Fuster holds an invited tutorial on "Gender: What the GDPR does not tell us (But maybe you can?)', exploring the potential of the GDPR in helping us interrogating ongoing gendering data practices.

Postdoc Laurence Diver, member of the COHUBICOL team, takes part in a CRAFT session on 'When Not to Design, Build, and Deploy', discussing the relevant practice and politics.

Gianclaudio Malgieri participates with two papers: on 'Multi-layered explanations from algorithmic impact assessments in the GDPR' and 'The concept of fairness in the GDPR: a linguistic and contextual interpretation'.


More information on the conference and the full schedule can be found here.

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