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Nemesis: Marco Giacalone awarded MSCA Individual Fellowship for his research on Online Dispute Resolution

  • February 5, 2020

[Project] Marco Giacalone has been awarded a Marie-Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship for his research project 'Nemesis' on Online Dispute Resolution.

Inspired by the greek goddess Nemesis, personification of "Distribution of Justice", neither good nor bad, simply in due proportion to each according to what was deserved. Giacalone's research is focused on new dispute resolution methods, applying also new technologies, especially online dispute resolution platforms. Seraphin is an online centre whose proceedings have been entirely digitized. Seraphin is well-known for their arbitration centre, enabling the efficient resolution of commercial disputes, but they are currently developing other platforms for Mediation and Negotiation.

Nemesis will focus on the link between the advanced research on online dispute resolution - from an academic perspective - and the real online world - with all the different cases and practical issues to face off on a daily basis - in order to develop a common path with solid research basis, due to the state of the art and best practices acquired during my academic career, and a practical/pragmatic mindset, due to the issues faced everyday on the online Seraphin platforms.

This project concerns legal research with interdisciplinary aspects, incorporating insights from disciplines such as computer science, economics, and regulation theory. While scholars and regulators are concerned about forms and numbers of ODR providers, an in-depth study of the practical implications of e-mediation is lacking.

This project is among the first to apply academic and practical perspective to e-mediation. The desk research will be enriched with insights from the workshops  an innovative approach for legal research.

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