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The ethics of cybersecurity: Cybersecurity regulation in the EU

  • February 12, 2020

[Publication] Prof Gloria González Fuster and researcher Lina Jasmontaite participate with a chapter on  “Cybersecurity Regulation in the European Union: The Digital, the Critical and Fundamental Rights” in the recently published book  “The Ethics of Cybersecurity”, available in open access, as part of the Series: The International Library of Ethics, Law and Technology.

The book edited by Markus Christen, Bert Gordijn and Michele Loi constitutes the first systematic overview of ethics of cybersecurity including case studies, and provides a combined focus on structural, systemic traits and topical debates. The chapter by González Fuster and Jasmontaite offers a comprehensive view of the EU policies and legislative measures in the field of cybersecurity.



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