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Fundamental rights more important than ever: Opinion by LSTS co-directors, Prof. González Fuster and Prof. Hildebrandt

  • April 9, 2020

[Publication] On 9 April 2020, the Opinion piece 'Fundamental Rights More Important Than Ever' by Prof. Gloria González Fuster and Prof. Mireille Hildebrandtco-directors of the Research Group on Law, Science, Technology & Society (LSTS), was published in English at VUB Today and in Dutch at Knack

Professors González Fuster and Hildebrandt state:

"We need digitalisation to effectively and appropriately combat the spread of the virus, but at the same time ensure that the data practices developed are both safe and effective. That is why we need the data protection guaranteed by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) today more than ever."


For resources on data protection law and the current pandemic, you can follow the LSTS page 'Data protection law and the COVID-19 outbreak'.

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