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List of publications concerning COVID-19 and data protection law: LSTS resources

  • September 16, 2020

[Publications] Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, several LSTS researchers authored a number of articles, book chapters, commentaries and blogposts, addressing issues of paramount importance in relation to coronavirus and data protection law in various contexts. Below you can find an overview of those publications in chronological order. More resources concerning data protection law and coronavirus can be found in the LSTS Observatory on Data Protection Law & Covid-19.

List of publications:

  • Docksey, Christopher and Christopher Kuner, 'The Coronavirus Crisis and EU Adequacy Decisions for Data Transfers', European Law Blog (3 April 2020): click here.
  • Comande, Giovanni, Denise Amram and Gianclaudio Malgieri:
    • 'Raccogliere piu dati si puo: c'e la legge', Corriere della Sera (4 April 2020): click here (Twitter link).
    • 'The democracy of emergency at the time of the coronavirus: the virtues of privacy', Opinio Juris in comparatione, preprint (April 2020): click here.
  • González Fuster, Gloria and Mireille Hildebrandt:
    • 'Opinion: Fundamental Rights More Important Than Ever', VUB Today (9 April 2020): click here.
    •  'Bescherming van persoonsgegevens is nu meer dan ooit nodig', Knack (9 April 2020): click here.
  • Malgieri, Gianclaudio, 'Data Protection and Research: A vital challenge in the era of Covid-19 Pandemic', Computer Law & Security Review (11 April 2020): click here.
  • Kuner, Christopher, 'Data crossing borders: Data Sharing and Protection in Times of Coronavirus', Verfassungsblog (15 April 2020): click here.
  • van Brakel, Rosamunde, 'Mensen zijn niet happig op invasieve surveillance', (16 April 2020): click here.
  • van Brakel, Rosamunde and Paul de Hert, 'We evolueren niet per se naa een politiestaat, maar wel blijven opletten', DeMorgen (20 April 2020): click here.
  • Malgieri, Gianclaudio and Paul de Hert, 'Special Issue: Legal and Ethical Challenges of Data Processing in the research field', Computer Law and Security Review (7 May 2020): click here.
  • van Brakel, Rosamunde and Paul de Hert, 'Anoniem maar toch gevaarlijk. Hang naar surveillance roept vragen over privacy op' - Chapter in the VUB e-book 'Post viraal naar een nieuw normaal' (June 2020): click here.
  • González Fuster, Gloria, 'Artificial Intelligence and Law Enforcement Impact on Fundamental Rights' - Chapter 6: COVID-19 Outbreak response, Study requested by the European Parliament's Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (July 2020): click here.
  • van Hoboken, Joris and István Böröcz, Contributors to the book 'Data Justice and COVID-19: Global Perspectives', MeatSpacePress (July 2020): click here.
  • Boehm, Franziska and Diana Dimitrova, 'FIZ Special Corona: The Corona Warning App in Germany - Data Protection Aspects', FIZ Karlsruhe (July 2020): click here.
  • Malgieri, Gianclaudio, 'The Italian COVID-19 Exposure Alert App: history and legal issues of “Immuni”', blogdroiteuropéen (17 July 2020): click here.
  • van Brakel, Rosamunde, Contributor to the article 'The COVID-19-crisis and the information polity: An overview of responses and discussions in twenty-one countries from six continents', Information Polity, (14 August 2020): click here.
  • Dumortier, Franck, 'Once upon a crisis in Belgium', PinG 5/2020 (September 2020): click here.
  • Gkotsopoulou, Olga, 'Interoperability of contact tracing apps in EU and data protection law implications', PinG 5/2020 (September 2020): click here.
  • van Brakel, Rosamunde, Contributor to the Report 'AUTOMATING SOCIETY REPORT 2020 | SPECIAL ISSUE on Automated Decision-Making Systems in the COVID-19 Pandemic: A European Perspective', Algorithm Watch (1 September 2020): click here.


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