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Expert guidance on Data Protection Impact Assessment for the telecommunications sector in Belgium

  • November 26, 2020

[Consultancy/Report] Between September 2018 and October 2020, the d.pia.lab (Brussels Laboratory for Privacy and Data Protection Impact Assessments), part of VUB-LSTS, has provided its external expert advice to Agoria, the Belgian sectoral industry organisation, during the preparation of the Agoria guidance on data protection impact assessment (DPIA) for the telecommunications sector in Belgium.

The d.pia.lab team involved in this task, led by Dr. Dariusz Kloza and supervised by Prof. Dr. Niels van Dijk, comprised of Simone Casiraghi, Nikolaos Ioannidis, Ioulia Konstantinou and Sara Roda

The objective of the guidance is to provide the necessary foundations for fulfilling the legal requirements of the process of DPIA as foreseen by the GDPR. The guidance seeks a common approach for the telecommunications sector by providing a framework and a bespoken step-by-step method on how to conduct a DPIA process, both to be operationalized through a specific template. The guidance builds on the experience and expertise of both Agoria members and d.pia.lab, yet it is meant to be periodically revised and updated as the context changes and the experience from its use grows. 

The report was prepared in English and its public preview was recently published here.