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New LSTS researcher Pablo Trigo Kramcsák is awarded 'Becas Chile scholarship in digital transformation and technological revolution'

  • February 2, 2021

[Grant] Pablo Trigo Kramcsák joined LSTS in January 2021 as a PhD student, funded by the “Becas Chile scholarship in digital transformation and technological revolution”, awarded by the Chilean National Research and Development Agency. This scholarship is the Chilean government’s main funding scheme to support Chilean researchers and professionals to study at the postgraduate level in foreign universities of excellence, in order to promote Chile’s development, innovation and competitiveness. He is supervised by Prof. Dr. Gloria González Fuster.

His PhD research focuses on legitimate interest as an appropriate lawful basis for processing Artificial Intelligence training datasets, addressing the difficulties involved, risks, and potential impacts on data subjects' rights and freedoms. This research is based on the premise that there are numerous difficulties in obtaining meaningful data subject's consent in the AI development context and relying on this consent as a basis for processing personal data. In this regard, it is worth considering whether other lawful grounds for data processing may be appropriate for that purpose, such as the legitimate interest of the data controller or of third parties. Here, three fundamental questions arise: what difficulties do derive from relying on legitimate interest as a lawful ground for processing personal data in an AI development/training context? How should the different rights and interests involved be balanced and weighed? What special requirements, conditions, and safeguards should data controllers adopt? In addition, the research seeks to draw lessons for non-EU countries, such as Chile, that are implementing or discussing major amendments to their personal data protection regulatory framework, inspired by GDPR rules.

Pablo has more than 8 years’ experience as a Chilean government official (Chilean Transparency Council, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Consumer Service), dealing with information technology, e-commerce and privacy, cross-border data flows, and cybersecurity issues.

He obtained his LLB degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and holds a LLM degree in International Law from the University of Heidelberg and the University of Chile.

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