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Laura Drechsler and Anastasiya Kiseleva take part in the VUB Doctoral Derby 2021!

  • April 20, 2021

This year, two LSTS researchers Anastasiya Kiseleva and Laura Drechsler are participating in the VUB Doctoral Derby – competition about explaining scientific research to a general audience!

At this stage participants have prepared home-recorded videos and these videos are competing to make it to the final. The pre-selection is based on the votes of the VUB community and professional jury.


Public voting is now closed. However, if you want to cheer for Anastasiya and Laura or ask them specific questions based on their videos, then you can join the jury pre-selections, which take place today Tuesday 20 April, at 12:00 Brussels time. The pitches will not be shown during the pre-selections: each speaker will have about 5-6 minutes time to answer questions from the jury and the audience and at the end, the jury will nominate the finalists.

You can find more information about the derby, the candidates and the meeting links to the pre-selection events, following this link in the intranet.

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