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DSA #7 Before and after disinformation: the normative framework for platform regulation in Brazil

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The responsibilities of online platforms, competition and antitrust rules, the fight against illegal content and disinformation online are at the top of the European Union’s agenda. In the much anticipated Digital Services Package, the European Commission proposes new rules that will profoundly reshape the future rulebook of internet platforms on these major issues. Our series of seminars proposes to offer an academic perspective on these developments, to unpack the complex underlying issues of this forthcoming legislative package, and discuss its possible implications.  Organised by the new Centre for Digitalisation, Democracy and Innovation at VUB-IES in collaboration with the Chair 'Fundamental Rights and the Digital Transformation' at VUB-LSTS and the Brussels Privacy Hub, this series of seminars brings leading academic speakers, from different horizons, to present their latest research and analysis on content moderation, intermediary liabilities, competition rules and the regulation of internet platforms.  

In this seminar, Dr. Iglesias Keller will approach the current debate of platform regulation in Brazil, as a reflection of both the disinformation combat narrative (fueled by the disinformation campaign led by President Jair Bolsonaro during the 2018 elections) and the country’s own tradition of internet regulation. After an overview of the normative framework in place, she will look at the proposals that have taken the spotlight of the policy debates during 2020, their diverse regulatory strategies (varying from content, data and structural regulation), and their relation to similar regulatory trends under discussion in different legal contexts.

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