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CANCELLED: VUB Chair in Surveillance Studies Seminar on 'Policing and Surveillance' with Elizabeth Joh

Location: Online
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This event has been cancelled.

This seminar will be hosted by the VUB Chair in Surveillance Studies. It will focus on 'Policing and Surveillance' and feature guest speaker Elizabeth Joh.

Police today increasingly rely on technologies of surveillance, data collection, inference, and prediction.  These technologies include tools of collection, like body cameras and license plate readers, and the software to analyze that information, like video analytics and predictive policing.  All of them share in common a reliance on artificial intelligence and enormous amounts of digitized data.  We can refer to these tools broadly as “police surveillance technologies.”  These police surveillance technologies pose significant legal and policy challenges that have outpaced many of the traditional methods of police regulation in the United States.  This seminar offers a perspective on the diversity of regulatory and policy challenges, including questions of accountability, transparency, and private sector influence that exist because of the enormous market for these technologies.

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