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Privacy Salon co-presents HACK

  • January 18, 2022

How do young people experience and use the internet and social media? That is the central theme of HACK.

40 young people work for five months on a theater performance, memes and films. They hack social media, the arts, fear, love and life. The young creators are given creative weapons to formulate answers to questions such as: What is the problem with Instagram and why is everyone pretending to be better than they are? What is the impact of large companies such as Facebook and Google on society? What role does an algorithm play in making a choice? What do all those cameras do in the public space and do they provide more security? What does security, digital connection, a digital alter ego mean? Do games replace the town square as a social hangout? Do young people in Ghent post different things on Instagram than in Leuven or Antwerp?

Lots of questions.
HACK is looking for answers.
Can Google help us?

Credits: direction & concept Jonas Baeke, Britt Lemmens, Diëgo Nurse, David Ramos, Matthias Sourbron, Marc Verstappen & Aron Wouters a co-creation of DeStudio, fABULEUS, Jong Wild, LARF! & WAJOW content partner Privacy Salon / VUB Brussels

Info and Tickets here: