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Brussels Privacy Hub - Webinar: ‘The Rise of Standardisation as a Regulatory Technique in the EU: NISD, CSA, AI Act Proposal, GDPR’

Location: Online
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Technical standards are increasingly part of laws and legislative proposals in the EU. The EU Cybersecurity Act and the Proposal for AI Act are essentially pointing at technical standardisation to operationalise legal norms and harmonise ex-post control of systems and products.  

What does standardisation have to offer in terms of providing and/ or enforcing norms? Are standards fit for purpose to do so? How to navigate through the maze of standards and which are the pitfalls? 

The webinar will invite a multi-disciplinary discussion on the rising use of technical standards by the legislator. The aim is to provide concrete examples of standards used for regulatory compliance, but also to reflect on limitations of standards to support EU public law. For more information and registration, see here.