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Brussels Privacy Hub - Webinar: 'AI and criminal justice'

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In this webinar, we will have a closer look at the EU AI Act proposal, albeit from a very specific angle. Many events discuss the implications of the AI Act for commercial operators. But what about criminal justice authorities? Once AI act enters into application, law enforcement authorities will face specific challenges. They might use AI in criminal proceedings and related decision-making. Such AI can be built in-house or bought from a developer, either off-the-shelf or custom-made.

How will AI act affect criminal justice authorities? What are the different derogations/special rules that the AI act would introduce in relation to the use of various types of AIs (low/high/unacceptable risks) by criminal justice authorities? What are the human rights challenges of the use of AI by those authorities? How would the Clearview AI scandal play out if the AI Act was already in force?

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