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Dr. Laurence Diver and Prof. Mireille Hildebrandt invited to teach course on computational ‘law’ at Tel Aviv University

  • May 5, 2022

The 12-lecture intensive course at the Buchmann Faculty of Law is titled ‘Critical Reflections on Computational Law’, and covers a wide range of practical and theoretical aspects of computational ‘law’ and legal tech. It aims to sensitise students to the interactions between legal philosophy and the philosophy of technology, while maintaining a strong connection to real-world legal technologies and positive law (e.g. Article 22 GDPR and the EU’s proposed AI Act). The course mirrors aspects of the COHUBICOL conceptual approach, and builds on various literature from the project, including Hildebrandt’s book Law for Computer Scientists and Other Folk (Oxford, 2020) and Diver’s book Digisprudence: Code as Law Rebooted (Edinburgh, 2022), both open access.