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ALTEP-DP Research line 1

Research Line 1: Automation of legal protection?

RL 1 focusses on the nature of automation as either a form of or a means for compliance with the GDPR. Such inquiry into automated compliance requires keen attention to three types of questions. 

1. Legal interpretation of the provisions of the GDPR that may lend themselves to automation. 

2. Technical interpretability of the automation. 

3. The need for lawyers to understand enough about issues of computer science to decide about the extent to which automation actually contributes to compliance.


To cope with these questions the research line has three innovative and original objectives: 

A. Making the difference between legal protection by design and legal by design, 

B. Detecting legal and technical interpretability issues (including their interaction), and, 

C. Achieving a critical understanding of the vocabulary and grammar of computer science (to ensure that automation does not hamper but enhances practical and effective data protection).


Please note that RL1 is closely aligned with the ERC ADG project ‘Counting as a human being in the rea of computational law’ (COHUBICOL), basically focusing the more generic inquiry into the automation of law to the domain of data protection law.

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Tatiana Duarte


  • Google and Apple Exposure Notifications - a talk of CS and Law with Carmela Troncoso (EPFL) and Tatiana Duarte (LSTS) - 3rd March 2021, 14:00h - 16:00h


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Mireille Hildebrandt

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