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LSTS Blog Style Guide

LSTS Blog: Style guide for authors

Submissions must meet the following formal requirements. Any that do not, will not be considered for publication.

  • Submissions must be between 1,000 and 1,500 words long (including references)

    • References should be of the form (Author, Date), with a list included at the end of the submission
  • Write in British English (see Part I of the European Commission’s English language style guide regarding any ambiguities)
    • Blog posts are generally written in a more informal tone than academic publications
    • To reach a broader audience, avoid jargon and overly complex sentence constructions
  • Use an editable file format (Word, RTF, plaintext, markdown)
  • Any images must be of reasonable quality and be properly licenced (ideally Creative Commons or public domain)
  • Submissions must relate to the research concerns of LSTS and be in line with the Editorial Policy.

Accepted submissions will be (re-)formatted to suit the LSTS website style, and may be lightly edited for spelling, grammar, and style by the Editorial Team. For any special requests (e.g. tables or other non-textual elements), please notify us when submitting.

As per the Editorial Policy, the LSTS Directors will have final discretion regarding publication on the LSTS Blog.

See also docx fileStyle guide_v3.docx (25 KB)

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