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Editorial policy of the LSTS Blog

This policy clarifies how editorial decisions will be made for publication of submissions to the LSTS Blog.

The LSTS blog is principally open only for LSTS members, including affiliated researchers, though blogposts by invited external guests are possible.  

All submissions are subject to review by the LSTS Blog editorial team. They will assess

  1. whether the submission adheres to the Style Guide.
  2. whether the submission fits within themes and types of contribution the LSTS Blog is striving for.

Following review, the editorial team will decide whether or not to publish the submission. The author is informed about the acceptance and the potential publication date. If the blogpost does not adhere to either one or both of the above-mentioned points, two cases may arise: 

  • in case of minor deviations, the draft blogpost will be partially accepted and sent back to its author for revision.
  • in case of major/significant deviations and quality concerns, the draft blogpost will be rejected.

The LSTS Directors will have final discretion regarding publication on the LSTS Blog.

See also docx fileEditorial_policy_LSTS_blog_v3.docx (24 KB)

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