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Brussels Privacy Hub - Meet the Author Series: Data Protection Directive for Police and Criminal Justice Authorities (Juraj Sajfert and Teresa Quintel)

Location: U-Residence
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Debate with the authors of a paper entitled “Data Protection Directive 2016/680 (EU for Police and Criminal Justice Authorities”, written by and Juraj Sajfert of DG Justice of the European Commission and Teresa Quintel of Luxembourg University.


The paper gives a good overview of the main particularities of what seems a bit a forgotten domain, data protection in the area of police and justice by law enforcement agencies (LEAs). Whereas most attention is given to the impact of the GDPR, the paper addresses particularities of data protection in an area where transparency of data processing operations is not always obvious. 


The directive covers an important area. Firstly, an increased number of criminal acts is being committed online or with the help of online tools. Secondly, as perpetrators are becoming more tech-savvy, LEAs turned to new investigative techniques, including big data analytics. Thirdly, EU rules (both the patchwork of data protection rules adopted under the former third pillar and the rules for EU Justice and Home Affairs Agencies) on the processing of personal data by LEAs are profoundly changed.


The paper includes four focal points (profiling, indirect exercise of data subject rights, logs, international transfers), which are excellent topics for discussion.

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