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Covid-19 scientific research and data protection


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Data donation for scientific purposes

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Digital epidemiology


Country Tool/Project Additional resources
Germany Robert Koch Institut, 'Corona datenspende app'
  • Delcker, Janosch, 'Donate data to health authorities to fight virus, says German epidemiologist', POLITICO (13 March 2020): click here
  • Busvine, Douglas, 'Germany launches smartwatch app to monitor coronavirus spread', Reuters (7 April 2020): click here;
  • Digital Courage, 'Einordung zur geplanten „Corona-Kontakt-Tracing-App“ des RKI' (4 May 2020): click here.
  • Humpa, Michael, 'Corona-App des RKI für Android & iOS: Schon über 500.000 Freiwillige haben sie heruntergeladen', Chip (9 May 2020): click here.
United Kingdom
  • Jee, Charlotte, 'A new app might help researchers monitor the spread of coronavirus', MIT Technology Review (25 March 2020): click here.
  • Price, Stephanie, 'Heat map of COVID-19 symptoms created by heath and data scientists', Health Europa (7 April 2020): click here.

Plasma donation from recovered patients

European Commission Directorate General for Food and Health, 'An EU programme of COVID-19 convalescent plasma collection and transfusion' (4 April 2020): click here.

US Commissioner of Food and Drugs - Food and Drug Administration, 'Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: FDA Encourages Recovered Patients to Donate Plasma for Development of Blood-Related Therapies' (16 April 2020): click here.


Donation of computing power

Fleming, Sean, 'These researchers want to use your computer in the search for a COVID-19 vaccine', World Economic Forum (17 March 2020): click here.

Bowman, Greg, 'New Folding@home software with the option to prioritize COVID-19 projects', Stanford University (17 April 2020): click here.

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Relevant literature

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Malgieri, Gianclaudio, 'Data Protection and Research: A vital challenge in the era of Covid-19 Pandemic', Computer Law & Security Review (11 April 2020): click here.

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