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Not to be missed! LSTS researchers´ talks @ TILTing Perspectives 2019 (15-17 May)

  • May 8, 2019

The conference TILTing perspectives 2019, organised by the Tilburg University, brings together researchers, practitioners, policy makers, and civil society to discuss new legal and regulatory issues emerging from the constant advancement of technology. Under the theme 'Regulating a world in transition', an abundance of parallel sessions and panel discussions is scheduled between 15 and 17 May at the premises of Tilburg University in Tilburg, The Netherlands. LSTS researchers will be there to present their breakthrough research and engage in  thought-provoking debates. Below you can find a brief overview of all the LSTS researchers´ talks and panels during the whole duration of the conference.

The full programme of the conference can be found here.

Wednesday 15 May

In the morning, Gianclaudio Malgieri (DZ-4, 10:45) will speak about market inalienability of personal data and incomputability of the self in the age of digital imbalance.

In the afternoon, Gloria González Fuster and Laura Drechsler (DZ-3, 16:30) will present their paper entitled "What is an abuse of data subject rights? Fear, facts and fiction about the use of data protection rights in a post-GDPR world".

Right after, René Mahieu (DZ-3, 17:00) will take the floor to reflect upon "The right of access: A genealogy".

Thursday 16 May

In the morning, Gianclaudio Malgieri (DZ-8, 9:00) will trigger discussions on Artificial Intelligence, responsibility and GDPR, with his talk on the "Right to Explanation and Algorithmic Transparency in the EU Member States Legislations and beyond". After his presentation, Malgieri (DZ-4, 11:45) will chair a session on the concept of personal data - Data protection and economics and trade.

René Mahieu and Joris Van Hoboken (DZ-7, 11:45) organise a panel on "Access rights as a research tool".

In the afternoon, Joris van Hoboken (DZ-7, 16:00) will share his thoughts on "Artificial Intelligence and Privacy: An Exploration Through Five Encounters".


LSTS affiliated researchers, Monique Mann and Hielke Hijmans have also authored accepted papers.