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Google and Apple Exposure Notifications - a talk of CS and Law with Carmela Troncoso (EPFL) and Tatiana Duarte (LSTS)

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In April 2020, Google and Apple launched a joint-project that claimed to streamline the report of Covid-19 positive cases to the Health Authorities while complying with the right to data protection and to privacy. 

After many countries have adhered to the Exposure Notifications framework it is time to inquire the legal and technical architecture offered by Google and Apple.

This talk promoted by ALTEP-DP challenges law and computer science to a cross disciplinary dialog about Google and Apple infrastructure, where each field offers its perspective and asks questions to the other field, with the purpose of promoting a mutual understanding of their different languages. 

It is with great pleasure that ALTEP-DP invites Carmela Troncoso to provide a Computer Science perspective about the Exposure Notifications system and to engage on a dialogue with Tatiana Duarte, who will give a legal standpoint on the framework. The talk will be moderated by Laurence Diver (LSTS).


The conference will take place online, hosted via Zoom, under the licence of the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne.

To estimate the amount of people and adapt the format accordingly, you must pre-register by sending an email to the organisers. Your email address will only be used to provide access to the event and will be deleted immediately after its end. As to the processing of your email address for pre-registration purposes, VUB will be considered the data controller. The link to the Zoom meeting room will be provided to you few days before the date of the event.

To pre-register, please send an email to

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