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Karen François

Karen François



Karen Francois has a Professional Bachelor of Sciences and Geography (1980, State School Teacher Training in Ghent); a Master in Moral Sciences (1984, University of Ghent), a Qualified teacher in Moral Sciences (1985, University of Ghent); a Bachelor of Philosophy (1986,University of Ghent); an Advanced Studies in Women's Studies (1996, University of Antwerp) and a Doctorate in Philosophy (2008, Free University Brussels), with a dissertation on "Politics of Mathematics".

Since June 2011, she is Director of the Doctoral School of Human Sciences (DSh) and professor at the Centre of Logic and Philosophy of Science (CLPS). In October 2019, Prof. François became the director of the Centre of Logic and Philosophy of Science (CLPS). She also takes part at the international research groups Philosophy of Mathematics: Sociological Aspects and Mathematical Practice and the Association for the Philosophy of Mathematical Practice (APMP).

Prof. Karen François is co-founder and chair of the steering committee of FLAMES (Flemish Training Network for Methodology and Statistics), an interuniversity initiative to provide excellent training on methodology and statistics for PhD candidates. Moreover, she is member of the Flemish Interuniversity Council working group on doctoral education.

She is studying the role of mathematics and of statistics in society, in epistemology and in education. Furthermore, she is studying the special role that mathematical practices (e.g. proofs and arguments) play within discourses on sciences, technology and society.


Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Pleinlaan 2
1050 Brussels