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Prof Gloria González Fuster keynoting at the Anthropology + Technology conference (Bristol, 3 October 2019)

  • October 2, 2019

Professor Gloria González Fuster is keynote at the Anthropology+Technology (A+Τ) conference, with her talk on 3 October 2019: The Data Makers: Who are They, and How to Understand Them?

The conference, which aims to bring together social scientists and AI technologists, takes place in Bristol (UK) and this year's theme is 'Championing Socially-Responsible AI'.

Having as a starting point the well-established distinction between data subjects and data controllers in the EU data protection law, Prof González Fuster will propose re-qualifying as ‘data makers’ all those participating into the making of these data and the processing thereof.

Ahead of her keynote, Prof González Fuster also participated in a short written interview as well as a podcast where she talked about “the normal” human: who are they, how can we imagine them & give them rights in a meaningful way?

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