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Alessandra Calvi 2

Towards a right to Data Protection Impact Assessment? [August 2022]

EUTOPIA PhD co-tutelle fellow Alessandra Calvi (VUB, LSTS, d.pia.lab & CYU, ETIS) proposes a conceptualisation of a “right to DPIA” and suggests how...

Danaja Fabcic Povse

Evaluating proportionality of restrictions on freedom of movement during the omicron wave: the case of digital covid certificates [July 2022]

LSTS/HALL PhD researcher Danaja Fabcic Povse ponders upon the proportionality of restrictions on freedom of movement with the use of EU digital covid...

more data and cables

Quo vadis, data retention? The indeterminable quest for proportionality [June 2022]

LSTS researchers Lina Jasmontaite and Juraj Sajfert analyse the development of the notion of proportionality in recent case law of the Court of Justice on...

Photo of Laura Drechsler

To define or not to define? International personal data transfers in the General Data Protection Regulation [June 2022]

LSTS/FWO researcher Laura Drechsler reflects on the need for a definition of data transfers for the General Data Protection Regulation.


A Blog for LSTS

In this inaugural post, LSTS Co-Directors Gloria González Fuster and Mireille Hildebrandt welcome the launch of this new platform.