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Gianclaudio Malgieri at Data Trusts Workshop @Cambridge (UK)

  • September 22, 2019
On 23 September 2019, LSTS researcher Gianclaudio Malgieri is invited to give a talk at the 'Data trusts Workshop', which will be held at Jesus College, University of Cambridge (UK) and will focus on the alienability of individual rights under the EU data protection framework. The event includes several discussion panels with both academic and non-academic experts in data science, law and public policy.
Malgieri participates in the Discussion panel IV, at 15:30 (local time), with Michael Veale (UCL and Alan Turing), Charles Raab (Edinburgh)​ and Christophe Markou (Cambridge). The panel, which will ponder on 'What type (if any) of regulatory intervention is needed?' and 'Should the rights to portability, access and erasure be mandatable to a data trustee? If so how do we achieve this?', is chaired by Nora Ni Llodeian (Institute of Advanced Legal Studies). For Malgieri, it will be a good occasion to discuss his recent paper on 'Data extra commercium'.
The workshop is co-organised by Prof. Sylvie Delacroix (Turing Fellow), Prof. Neil Lawrence (University of Sheffield) and Julian Huppert, in collaboration with Jesus College Intellectual Forum .

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