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LSTS welcomes new visiting scholar, Dr Katerina Sideri (October-December 2019)

  • October 1, 2019

As of 1 October 2019, Dr Katerina Sideri joined the LSTS as visiting scholar. Her visit will last three months.

Dr Sideri is funded by the European Commission as a Marie Curie individual fellow for a project with the title ‘Biased AI’ which explores the role Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data play in mental health care and research. Areas of her research include novel business models and partnerships between the private and public sector in the emerging health data market;  the question of openness in innovation, data governance  and trust; data control by users, trusts, government and platforms; digital therapeutics, nudging and surveillance; adherence to medication and discrimination.

Dr Sideri is now based at the Bioethics Institute, Gent in Belgium. Previously, she was associate research fellow at the University of Oxford, Centre for SocioLegal Studies and lecturer in IP law at the University of Exeter. After the completion of the Marie Curie fellowship in August 2020, she will begin working as assistant professor at Panteion University in Athens, Greece. You can see her publications and work in progress at her and researchgate accounts.

At LSTS Dr Sideri will be giving a research seminar and she is hoping to collaborate with others in research projects and be part of a vibrant interdisciplinary community forming long lasting relations.

Her future plans include writing a book and she is currently organizing a series of interviews with stakeholders from industry, research organizations and clinicians. The book will seek to showcase  ways in which AI and big data can be used to do good in mental health if there is proper design and deliberation from the start and ways in which it can go the wrong way if left to uncontrollable market forces and government surveillance. The book will use specific cases studies to illustrate the point.

Dr Sideri is based in Building B 4th floor room 308 and can be reached via email and Twitter.

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