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Meet Gianmarco Gori, LSTS visiting scholar (April-beginning of July 2019)

  • May 24, 2019

Gianmarco Gori is current visiting scholar at the Law, Science, Technology and Society Research Group (LSTS). His visit started at the beginning of April and extends until the first week of July 2019. Gianmarco will present his work on 17 June at the Faculty of Law and Criminology (room 4C306). You can take a first taste of his experience as a visiting scholar so far and learn more about his research interests here.

Tell us a few words about yourself and your research interests.

I’m a PhD student at Università degli Studi di Firenze, Department of Theory and History of Law and member of L’Altro Diritto – Inter-University Centre of Research on Prison, Deviance, Marginality and Government of Migrations. I am interested in the impact of technology and, in particular, data-driven technologies on existing forms of normativity, as well as the new forms of normativity resulting from the interaction between individuals, society and technology. My research aims at investigating the epistemic authority and normative effects connected to datafication and to analyse how this impacts the processes through which selves, society and juridical order are constructed.


How has your study visit at LSTS benefited you so far?

The study visit is proving even better than expected. LSTS is both an extremely stimulating and friendly environment. Thanks to the supervision of Prof. Mireille Hildebrandt, I am having the chance to explore my research questions interacting with the highly qualified group of researchers involved in the project COHUBICOL. Meeting the members of LSTS gives me the possibility to deconstruct and reframe my view of the field of study I am interested in through different angles, enriching my understanding. I will present part of my research during a seminar in the second half of June and I am looking for comments that, I already know, will be of great value.

What are your post-LSTS plans?

Once back in my home university I hope to continue exchanging opinions and collaborating with the researchers I have met at LSTS.


- Social Media and Elections. The Limits of Law and the Risks of a Modulated Democracy, in G.L. CONTI – M. PIERANGELO - F. ROMANO (eds.), Social media e diritto. Diritti e social media, Edizioni Scientifiche Napoli, 2017

- Lost in translation. Diritto e diritti nella transizione verso una società data-driven (forthcoming).

How can we reach you?

Email address:

Current location: Room 308, 4th floor, Building B, Campus Etterbeek, Vrije Universiteit Brussel


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