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Other data-driven approaches to COVID-19


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  • La Quadrature du Net, 'Covid-19 : l’attaque des drones' (1 April 2020): click here.
  • Taylor, Peter Lane, 'Could ‘Pandemic Drones’ Help Slow Coronavirus? Probably Not—But COVID-19 Is A Boom For Business', Forbes (25 April 2020): click here.
  • Guariglia, Matthew, 'Using Drones to Fight COVID-19 is the Slipperiest of All Slopes', Electronic Frontier Foundation (5 May 2020): click here.
  • Conseil d'État, 'Surveillance par drones' (18 May 2020): click here.
  • Barik, Soumyarendra, 'Top French court bans drone surveillance in Paris for enforcing COVID-19 lockdown; Lessons for India', Medianama (19 May 2020): click here.
  • Homo Digitalis, 'COVID-Tech: COVID-19 opens the way for the use of police drones in Greece' (24 June 2020): click here.

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Other measures

  • 'Coronavirus: Police officers to wear bodycams', The Brussels Times (6 April 2020): click here.
  • 'Singapore hands out coronavirus tracing devices', BBC News (29 June 2020): click here.
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