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PhD Artificial Intelligence Seminars at BeCentral

  • September 18, 2019

LSTS co-directors, Professors Gloria González Fuster and Mireille Hildebrandt will participate with two talks at the PhD AI Seminars of BeCentral.

On 25 November 2019 (11:00-13:00), Mireille Hildebrandt under the theme 'AI in Law' will present on the 'Distant reading of legal text and access to law'. In this lecture, Prof Hildebrandt will explore the question of whether the use of analytics, such as NLP, on legal texts will increase or inhibit access to law.


A week later on 2 December 2019 (16:00-18:00), Gloria González Fuster under the theme 'Ethical AI' will discuss about 'Gender and AI: Issues, challenges & responses'. Starting from the observation that gender-based discrimination is one the most visible and commented negative impacts of AI, Prof González Fuster will provide an overview of the main challenges and consider possible responses - in and beyond the law.

BeCentral is a new digital campus situated at the Brussels Central Station (Cantersteen 10/12, 1000 Brussels), which aims to close the digital skills gap and to help accelerate Belgium’s Digital Transformation, through the organisation of digital schools and workshops.

The PhD AI seminars, starting on Monday 14 October 2019 will be recurring every Monday until the end of January 2020. Attendance is free but registration in required. The registration link and the full programme can be found here per date and theme.

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