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"Specifying the GDPR: Member States perspectives"series - France

Location: U-Residence, Pleinlaan 2, VUB
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‘One continent, one law’ is a motto that has been connected to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to emphasize its key role for overcoming the fragmentation of the European Union (EU) data protection landscape. Nevertheless, and despite the Regulation’s direct applicability across all EU Member States, a multitude of national laws already co-exist with its provisions, and a few more are expected. These national laws specify the GDPR rules, operationalize them, and potentially modulate them. They might, in some cases, also appear to contradict the GDPR, be in friction with other national approaches, and/or trigger questions about the exact applicable rules in certain scenarios.

The series of events “Specifying the GDPR: Member States perspectives” will initiate an overview of national perspectives relevant for GDPR implementation. It will focus on discussing in an open way, based on expert academic input, the most salient features of Member States realities from an EU perspective.  

This kick-off event of the new “Specifying the GDPR: National perspectives” series will focus on France.

Confirmed speaker: Olivia Tambou (Université Paris-Dauphine)

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